Business development specialist
Funding and grants Consultant
Bachelier in Science (University of Montreal - H.E.C.)

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Michel Beaudoin is partner in a firm that develops a grouping of companies in the food sector (production, processing, distribution) mainly through acquisition.  I provide tools to the sales department to increase sales.  I create significant spending cuts with effective and rigorous controls.  Business choices: manufacturing, processing, distribution.


  • Manufacturing (several companies - wood, metal, wine, pharmaceuticals)

  • Detail (Food stores chain)

  • Distribution (several food companies)

  • Services (consultation, building management)

  • Real Estate (Residential, shopping centre)

  • Agriculture (vineyard and crops)

  • External audit (two chartered accounting firms)

  • Consultation (over 20 years in all sectors)



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    Bachelor of Science (HEC)

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    Chartered Accountant (CA)

    (Working mainly on performance, I am no longer a member of this professional order)

    Among the first in Canada - case analysis

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    Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

    (Working mainly on performance, I am no longer a member of this professional order)

    First in Québec – case analysis

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    Graduate in Accounting Science (HEC)

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    Bachelor of Arts (Jean-de-Brebeuf College)

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  • Production (nearly 100% increase in productivity in two (2) different manufacturing companies)
  • Sales and marketing (growth of 20 to 35% everywhere I went)
  • Personal (good relationships and excellent productivity with a flexible and relaxed management style). Leader and excellent trainer
  • Computer science  (participation in the development of numerous IT locations)
  • Purchases (considerable cost reduction)
  • Naturally, finance and cost control


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  • Increased revenue from $16 million to $180 million in 8 years for a group of companies that had more than fifteen (15) associated companies
  • Significant decrease in operating expenses and supply or production costs while significantly increasing sales
  • Respect for objectives and budgets
  • Refinancing the group of companies that were in enormous financial difficulty and bringing it to exceptional profitability
  • Significant reduction in administrative expenses in the group of companies (from 1.5% to 1/2 of 1% on sales of $180 million)
  • Triple audit office clients' fees by seeking additional consulting mandates while being paid very quickly (less than one month versus months)
  • Writing concise reports and success with financial institutions
  • Reducing administrators' hours of work and efficiency in their work through an accurate and effective information system
  • Excellent closer



  • I worked in 5 manufacturing companies totalling more than 15 years where I established all the important control systems (continuous production and/or by order). Special attention has always been paid to the right information which allowed to establish precise costs (cost price including discrepancies, analysis of those, by-products, sales coordination - purchases - "just in time" - production schedule). Significant savings have been achieved through time and movement studies. Productivity has been greatly improved in all the companies I have worked in.
  • As one of the only specialists who worked in manufacturing, I was always choosen in the chartered accounting firms where they are doing audit and consulting. During these mandates, I have put in place simple management control systems.  It should not be forgotten that some of the employees have little or no education. Therefore, they should not be traumatized with "paperwork" and complicated checks. With that in mind, consultants have to use a lot of psychology.
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