Performer specialized in marketing and sales strategies.
Deep experience in the financial sector.
Exceptional organizational capacity.
Proven management and administrative skills.
Degree in Accounting Sciences and Administration, Laval University – Great distinction.

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  • 1968-1972

    Statutory Auditor (CPA), Price Waterhouse Coopers

  • 1972-2002

    Chartered accountant

    Réal Fortin, Chartered Accountant.

  • 2003-2019

    Financial Security Advisor

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Réal Fortin, Chartered Accountant.
A start without customers that I have developed up to more than 600 customers.

Cabinet Réal Fortin, S.A.,
With no customers at the beginning, I developed it at such a pace that I was recognized as the leading producer among the 1,500 members of IA Financial Group's career network, and this for almost all of the 17 years I have been in business. My results allowed my induction as Governor of the Select Club, from the first years of my career, having met the qualification requirements which were to be the first producer of the company, 3 times in career. I fulfilled these requirements in 3 consecutive years, which had never happened in the history of IA Financial Group.

Other companies and/or organizations.
High performance in the vast majority of companies and / or organizations where I worked.

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